Our Mission:


Health In Her HUE (Heard and Understood Experiences) is a digital platform that connects Black women to the healthcare providers, services and resources that are committed to their health and well-being. We empower Black women, and their allies, to share, learn and innovate around the health issues that disproportionately affect them.

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Our Vision

We are leveraging the power of technology, media, and innovation to advance Black women's health. We create digital and IRL space for Black women to be informed and empowered when making choices pertaining to their health.

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We’re Making an Impact…

I love Health In Her HUE! It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been on top of my doctor visits this year. I try to tell everyone I know about it. I really appreciate the work they’re doing to improve Black women’s health.

- Natalie Reid, Health In Her HUE Community Member



What We Do

Black women need healthcare providers who are trained and committed to Hearing and Understanding their unique Experiences.

We connect Black women to the services and resources that will enable them to live full and healthy lives, while bringing awareness to health and wellness issues in a relevant, engaging and accessible way.


Trusted Provider Network & Patient Community

We’ve built a trusted community where providers, patients, and researchers of color can easily find and connect with one another. Patients find trusted health information and providers; providers gain new patients; and researchers can find new study participants.

Culturally Engaging Health Media

We create and curate health content that centers Black women and their experiences. Providers and patients have a platform where they can share their expertise and experiences to improve the health outcomes of Black women and all WOC.

Innovation hub

Patients and providers are in a unique position as end users of the healthcare system to develop the best solutions. We create space (both digital and IRL) for entrepreneurs, patients, and providers to connect and co-develop healthcare solutions that can improve health outcomes for Black women, and all WOC.


We do serious work, but we still like to get social!

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