The Case for the Butt Massage

This is a plea for massage therapists to start paying attention to the gluteus maximus of their clients.

butt massage.jpeg

Written by Annika Harris, courtesy of Uptown Magazine

Massages are known for increasing circulation, relieving tension, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting relaxation. But there’s one body part western massage therapists tend to completely ignore, and this is my plea to change that.

Back in November, I traveled to Chongqing, China for a river cruise down the Yangtze River to the Three Gorges Dam for its 20-year anniversary (more on that trip at a later date). Two weeks prior to the trip, I’d woken up with a crick in my neck that was still painful. Considering that the currency exchange rate was drastically in my favor (a one-hour massage was less than $65), I figured a massage at the spa aboard Chongqing Yangtze Gold Cruises Company’s Yangtze Gold 6 cruise ship would work out the kinks in my neck and back. Turned out, the masseuse relieved the tension in my neck, but I was most appreciative she paid some attention to my, well … butt.

Keep in mind that the therapist and I didn’t speak the same language, so of course there was a bit of a hiccup before the massage began. I thought I was supposed to lie under the blanket that was covering the massage table. Turned out, she wanted me to lie face-down atop the blanket. So you know how the therapist usually uses a sheet to screen you when you’re turning to lie on your back during a massage? Yeah, well that’s not a custom in Chinese spas or at least not aboard the Yangtze Gold 6.

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