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How Talking About Taboo Topics Saved My Uterus

Sex and the female body are such taboo topics in the Black community that all some people know is that one day everyone’s saying you’re cute and the next, everyone’s saying you’re fast. Fortunately for me, my aunt talked to me about my body and sent me resources to do my own exploring.

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New Year, New You: Create a Vision Board to Manifest Your Destiny

One way to manifest your heart’s desires is to create a vision board. This is a powerful tool that helps our brain to train our bodies to get into action. Vision boards provide a dedicated space where we can be purposeful about choosing what we want to focus on-- whether that may be getting active, practicing self-care, or going back to school.

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The Healing Power of a Girls Trip

Girls trips are healing. They are joy. They are laughter in the toughest of times. They are comfort and assurance in the midst of uncertainty. And they are a necessary form of self-care, because sometimes life gets too hectic and murky, and every now and then you need time with your girlfriends to slow down and just be. 

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