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Are You Ready to Be a Mother? Here are 5 Health Tips to Increase Your Fertility

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, here are five lifestyle factors that you can modify to create the best possible environment to conceive. As a bonus, your overall health and wellbeing should improve so you can live a healthier life.  

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Lessons from Bigmama: Pay Attention to the Signs

Unfortunately, I used to buy into the hype of being a strong Black woman, until it hit home. An ER visit for some chest pains turned into a life changing diagnosis. We were informed that she had several mini strokes, had congestive heart failure, heart disease and would need triple bypass heart surgery and a valve replacement.

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When Faking Normal Becomes the Norm

You’re the life of the party, but you still feel alone. You’re the successful friend; the one everyone considers stable; the one who has her life together, so you can’t show signs of weakness. So instead you try to  ignore it. If you’re reading this and can relate to it, you may have a case of what I call faking normal.

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