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Money or My Mind? Why I Chose My Mental Health Over a Bigger Paycheck

My anxiety brings me irrational thoughts gift wrapped in ribbons and bows, and when I open it, it’s all I can think about. The inability to move from this spot is my anxiety personified. Trying to find ways to cope with it is something I struggle with, but I continue to work at it every day. Most recently, my anxiety took me to a place I never thought I’d go.

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Filling in the Gap: Why I Wrote A Book About Depression and Trauma for Women of Color

I write and share the voice of hundreds of Black women that sit on the couches of psychiatrists/psychologists/counselors with the courage to tell their story, their struggle with years of family secrets, years of abuse, exploitation, rape, depression, anxiety, mistreatment, injustice and the chronic medical conditions that develop from trauma to the mind, body, and soul.

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Are You Ready to Be a Mother? Here are 5 Health Tips to Increase Your Fertility

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, here are five lifestyle factors that you can modify to create the best possible environment to conceive. As a bonus, your overall health and wellbeing should improve so you can live a healthier life.  

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